Welcome to A Highly Profitable Affiliate Program in Crypto

Bitprive's Affiliate Program was created to help you increase your profits by sharing our platform with friends, family, and followers.

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Instant Profits on Every Trade

50% of your Tier 1 affiliates fees

10% of your Tier 2 affiliates fees paid by their affiliates

Why should you join?

Earn 50% on Every Bitcoin Purchase

Earn 50% on standard escrow fees from every bitcoin purchase made by a Tier 1 Affiliate.

Build Your Empire

Earn 10% of the standard escrow fees from every bitcoin purchase made by a Tier 2 Affiliate.

Get Paid

You can transfer your affiliate earnings to your Bitprive wallet when your balance reaches the equivalent of 10 USD.

A Fast-Growing Opportunity for Profit

Our aim was to create a peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace that instantly connects buyers and sellers. Now boasting over 300 payment options, you can get bitcoin your way.

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Using Our Affiliate Program Is Easy

Step by step video to guide you through the process.

How Does our Affiliate Program Work?

1. Make a Plan

Think about how and where you can attract affiliates. Whether it's through your personal website or social media accounts, you can share your link with anyone anywhere in the world.

2. Embed Your Link

Every time a user clicks on your embedded link, we tag them with your unique ID. Note that you won't be able to refer yourself.

3. Affiliate Registration

After following your link to Bitprive, the user must sign up to become your affiliate. After that, you'll get paid every time they make a trade.

4. Watch Your Profits Grow

You earn 50% of standard escrow fees from your direct Tier 1 affiliates and 10% from trades made by Tier 2 affiliates.

5. Get Paid

Last up is the most important step. Following a successful trade, you'll receive your payment in bitcoin.

The Bitprive Affiliate Program is a fast-growing opportunity for profit!

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Affiliate FAQ

What is Bitprive?

Bitprive is a peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace that enables users to buy and sell bitcoin with their choice of over 300 payment options. It’s like eBay, but for money -- and totally without limits.

Our platform connects over half a million users all over the world. All of our users are protected by the Bitprive escrow service, which means they can safely transact knowing their funds are safe.

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